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#2 Navigating productivity

#2 Navigating productivity
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Hiya, happy Friday. How are you?

I had a fairly unproductive week. I had the choice to be productive but I chose not to, so I started to wonder why sometimes the willingness to be productive varies on different days. The classic Maslow's hierarchy of needs seemed to shed a light to my overthinking.

Our needs of being productive - to fulfil one's potential - is the top level desire for human being. People pursue the higher levels of needs after having taken care of the lower levels of needs. Sometimes having achieved the self-actualisation can be very fulfilling that it anaesthetises one's feeling of exhaustion, insecurity, loneliness, but it doesn't suppress the fundamental needs. So maybe we shouldn't be pushing ourselves too hard to be productive or self-disciplinary. Not being productive may just be a healthy signal from our body and mind - that we are experiencing underlining pain, that we are not feeling secure enough, that we are not feeling being loved enough, and that we may be in self-doubt.

Gawel, Joseph E. (1996) "Herzberg's Theory of Motivation and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs," Practical Assessment, Research, and Evaluation: Vol. 5 , Article 11

So yea, be kind to yourself.

Wishing you a great weekend,

Dali xx

Quote of the Week

You have to externalise your ideas. You have to write.

-- How to Take Smart Notes by Sönke Ahrens