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#1 So guess we are finally doing it

#1 So guess we are finally doing it

Hiya, happy Friday. How are you?

I started this website a month ago with the newsletter thing always in the back of my mind, but guess now we are finally doing it... Welcome to my 1st ever newsletter.

What has always been putting me off for starting Newsletters was the commitment to write every week. It’s not the easiest thing managing my YT channel as a one-woman-band on top of everything, let alone another weekly blog. But the inspiration for me to finally get my hands on the Newsletters, was Simona. I've been following her social media for the daily podcast recommendations for a while and this week I discovered that she has done a lot more than that. She co-founded an online female entrepreneurs forum, manages the daily dose of podcast recommandation blog allaboutpot.com, has her own podcast Oh! Mama, and writes her personal blog machasoal.com. Seeing what Simona has put out there, the amount of work behind all these side projects and the passion behind the consistency, along with her full-time day job, is such an encouragement to me.

Exciting stories are happening this week in Tokyo, the Olympics. Team GB has got an uplifting diving win and Team China has got a dramatic table tennis loss... Ever since young ages, the Olympics were a big part of my limited interests in sports. My all time favourite sportsperson is the Diving Queen GUO Jingjing, whose unmatchable calmness, determination and judgement I admire so much. This year she serves as one of the Judges for Diving. Good to see her by the side of the pool.

This week I have delayed the video release for a few days, thanks to my procrastination. I tend to plan myself an overly tight back-to-back schedule, fantasising that I would be able to finish every step right within the ETA. This mindset has made me a late person my whole life. Over the years I have always wanted to change, but not until this week when I met James Clear's Atomic Habits I stared to figure out a potential solution. I'm putting together a plan to beat my chronic lateness. For anyone who's following my YT channel, the details will come in one of my next releases. I'll also update you here in my Newsletters.

Wishing you a great weekend,

Dali xx

Quote of the Week

Good and bad things come from the universe holding hands. Wait for the good to come.

-- Know My Name by Chanel Miller

My Favourite Things This Week

  1. Chinese TV Show - 50Km Taohuawu. Since my NBY I've cut TV watch time to a bare minimum. 50Km Taohuawu has caught my eyes with the authenticity and vivid personalities of the celebrity participants, and the genuine interactions, support and emotions among them. Every episode was a good laugh, with the warmth we all long to see in this socially distanced pandemic.
  2. Productivity tip - iPhone Screen Time. This iPhone built-in function matches up perfectly with the action that I took away from the book The Self-Driven Child. By using iPhone Screen Time I've cut electronic device time by more than 50% this week.
  3. Book - I'm reading Know My Name by Chanel Miller this week, a book about the journey of a rape victim seeking judicial justice. 45% in progress, already seen Chanel's inner power to shine.